Our Menu is a-la-carté and simple, in keeping with our simple beginnings

Visitors are welcome to add to their dining experience by bring their own sides, tablecloths, candles, etc.  We are also BYOB, so adults can come with their favorite beer, wine or whatever they like (please drink responsibly).

The Menu

Up-to-date for the 2012 season

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Menu

What is the difference between the “Roast Clam Special” and the “Plain Roast Clams”?

-For both, littleneck clams are roasted directly over the fire until they open up.  The “Plain Roast Clams” are served as is, but the “Roast Clam Special” is dressed with a cocktail sauce and buttery mixture and then put back on the fire to roast in the flavor.

What is the “Veggiebob”?

-Mushrooms, onions, yellow squash, zucchini, and bell peppers steamed on a skewer in balsamic vinaigrette.

How are the Lobsters prepared?

-All the lobsters are boiled at first but you can choose to have a Roasted Lobster which is also cooked over the fire to give is a smoky flavor.  We then cut and crack the shell and serve it with melted butter.

Is the Chicken on the bone?

-The chicken is a 10 oz boneless chicken breast cooked with our favorite BBQ sauce or plain.

Do you have fries?

-We do not fry anything, at all.  And who needs fries when you have delicious Roasted Corn! 

(But you are always welcome to bring your own prepared sides as well.)